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Media Support

Journalists: we can help you find researchers to interview, organise access to animal research facilities, and supply images and video clips. Please contact Chris Magee Head of Policy and Media on 07473 259859

Resources and briefings

If you need more than our resource library and the links below provide contact us at areeditor@uar.org.uk or phone us. We provide a 24 hour service for journalists: UK office hours 00 44 20 3675 1235, outside office hours +44 (0)7473 259859.

Background on animal rights extremist organisations

Read our background briefings on animal rights extremism throughout the world. Currently available in English and the relevant European language for Germany, Italy, and Spain. Explore our resource library now.

Why we use animals for research

Explore the role of animals in research for human and animal health here within the Understanding Animal Research (UAR) website. You can obtain free good quality images of animals from the UAR image library here.

More specific information, such as the role specific animals have played in specific medical treatments, can be found in the animalresearch.info website. This website has material in French, German, Italian and Spanish.

How the law regulates animal research

In the UK there have been special controls on the use of laboratory animals in since 1876. These were revised and extended in 1986 as the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act.
Read more here

A European Directive concerning the use of animals in research was signed on 22nd September 2010 and is due to be ratified into member state legislation by January 1st 2013.
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Recent press coverage about animal research

The press regularly covers the role of animals in medical research. Contact us for recent examples. We keep a database of media coverage in this area. Here are three examples:

Sourcing images and video material

View videos showing scientists and animals in laboratories produced by UAR here. Contact us for access to our archive of video news. You can also find free to download images in our resource library here.