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Daniel Andreas San Diego is suspected of bombing Chiron, a biotech company, in 2003. He was added to the 'Most Wanted' Terrorist list in 2009.


This week is the anniversary of an Animal Rights Extremism bombing at Chiron – a biotech company in California now owned by Novartis. The suspected bomber is Daniel Andreas San Diego, one of the ‘most wanted’ individuals featured on our 'wanted' page.

San Diego was featured in a piece in the web magazine, Slate.

In August and September 2003, San Diego allegedly set off three bombs at the headquarters of two Bay Area corporations connected to Huntingdon Life Sciences, a European animal testing lab that has long been opposed by animal rights groups. (San Diego was allegedly connected to a group called “Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty.”) The first two bombs went off at the Chiron Corporation, a biotech firm; the last bomb was set at the Shaklee Corporation, a company that produced nutritional supplements. San Diego gave the authorities the slip in October 2003, ditching his car in downtown San Francisco and dropping out of sight. He was indicted in 2004 and added to the Most Wanted Terrorists list in 2009.

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