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Animal rights graffiti in Grimston

Graffiti has been appearing in the small village of Grimston near Hull where the animal breeders B&K Universal are based. The first reports of the vandalism were on 9th August 2016, with slogans being written on street furniture. Now police have been called out after vandalism was found on roads and street signs.

Roads had been daubed with slogans including "murder", "evil" and "factory of hell" on the approach to the breeding facility. B&K has been involved in a long running dispute with animal rights groups over a proposed expansion, which aims to make the UK more self sufficient its supply of laboratory beagles. Currently around 2 in 5 beagles used in UK labs is imported from abroad. Earlier this year Cruelty Free International lost a judicial review over the government decision to approve the expansion.

Humberside Police are investigating the new vandalism incidents.

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Images from BBC

A spokesperson for B&K Universal said

"We utterly condemn these acts of vandalism and criminal damage on our neighbourhood and we are dismayed that these acts, which are in opposition to our lawful business which supports biomedical research for the benefit of humans and animals, are causing anxiety and fear for our staff and neighbours.”

According to the Hull Daily Mail:

A message posted on social media, from "Grimston Villagers", says damage is not condoned. It says: "We are sad to report that someone has come down to our beautiful village and desecrated it, leaving a personal attack on every villager.

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