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NAVA members Parrish and Beevers given suspended sentences in Leeds, UK


Catherine Parrish, 28, and Luke Beevers, 19, members of National Anti-Vivisection Alliance (NAVA), were handed suspended prison sentences In Leeds on 9 April 2013 after admitting their involvement in damage to two Leeds firms who supply Harlan Interfauna.

The two animal rights activists who painted abusive slogans on walls and damaged property at two Leeds firms in a bid to scare them into stopping trading with an animal research organisation. Leeds Crown Court heard the pair targeted SRCL and Sunlight in a bid to disrupt the work of Harlan Interfauna. NAVA had been running a campaign against Harlan but were made the subject of a court order which limited their protests. The group then began to target companies which traded with them. DNA on a glove and glass on a hammer found at Beevers’ home, in Holmfirth, provided evidence linking him to the scene. An aerosol found at Parrish’s home on Stanmore View, Burley, Leeds, matched paint found at the scene. They both pleaded guilty to two counts of interfering with a contractual relationship so as to harm an animal research organisation. Both were given 16-month prison sentences, suspended for two years, and 150 hours unpaid work.

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