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Animal extremists target Italian researchers with posters

Activists posted fliers showing photos, home addresses, and telephone numbers of scientists involved in animal research at the University of Milan and labelled them as "murderers."


The posters targeted physiologist Edgardo D'Angelo, parasitologist Claudio Genchi, pharmacologist Alberto Corsini, and Maura Francolini, a biologist. The texts say they are “guilty” of performing animal experiments; Corsini is said to "have tortured and killed animals for more than 30 years.” His flier ends with his phone number and the suggestion to "call this executioner and tell him what you think of him."

Many politicians condemned the new tactic as well. "I wish to express my deepest sympathy and support to the researchers in Milan for the intimidation and threats they suffered," Italy's minister of education, universities and research, Maria Chiara Carrozza, tweeted yesterday. 

The University of Milan has filed a complaint and the city's police department has started an investigation.

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