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Debbie Vincent Receives Six Year Prison Sentence

Debbie Vincent was today sentenced to a six year prison sentence for Conspiracy to Blackmail for her part in SHAC's campaign against HLS.
On 17th April 2014, Debbie Vincent was sentenced to six years for Conspiracy to Blackmail. She had been convicted the previous month at Winchester Crown Court. Vincent had worked alongside Greg and Natasha Avery (both convicted in 2009) at their headquarters in Hook, Hampshire. She had also been given access to the computer used to coordinate illegal activities.

Vincent is also subject to a 5-year Anti Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) upon her release which will aim to prevent her returning to animal rights activism.

Judge Keith Cutler said:
“It is difficult for a judge to calculate the repugnance felt by society to such appalling acts. Nothing at all could justify such attacks. You express no shred of remorse or condemnation for the incidents of extreme terror and desecration which have been caused. There is not an inkling of understanding the distress those actions must have caused.”

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