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Badger cull activates the activists

A badger cull in the UK is catalysing Animal Rights Activism.


A badger cull has been authorised by the UK agency, Natural England. The aim of the cull is to reduce tuberculosis bacterial infection in cattle. Badgers are thought to be a reservoir and vector for this disease. The efficacy of a cull is contested with good scientific evidence on both sides. The cull is providing a popular issue around which animal activists are campaigning and press reports suggest known extremists are joining the ant-cull lobby. 

There are reports in the press of individuals being threatened for their involvement with the cull. Details of names and addresses of businesses and individuals thought to be associated with the cull have been posted on websites and threats of 'direct action' have been made. 

Read more here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/agriculture/farming/9560130/Badger-cull-the-fanatics-hijacking-the-badger-cause.html