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Animal rights extremists claim responsibility for KLM Open vandalism

Animal rights extremists have targerted KLM in protest against the company transporting live animals for research


The start of the KLM Open in the Netherlands was delayed by 45 minutes on 8 September as stewards rushed to repair four greens damaged overnight by animal rights extremists. The acts of vandalism were carried out in protest against KLM’s transport of live animals for research.

After the end of the day’s play, an anonymous statement claiming responsibility for the act was posted on the extremist website Bite Back.

The statement said: “In the night of 7 on 8 of September, we went out to the golf club which is hosting the prestigious KLM Open golf tournament. As soon as we arrived we started digging up the putts. After totally destroying four greens and removing the putts we thought it was a good first lesson for KLM.

“KLM, if you think you can get away with flying thousands and thousands of animals to laboratories worldwide you thought wrong. We will be wherever you go and wherever you think you can put your name up. This was just a small message to you, you are the one with the choice, do you want to let this escalate or get out of your filthy business”.