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Five Dutch Activists Sentenced for Stealing Beagles

On the night of 9th April 2013 five animal rights activists from the Dutch group Anti-Dierproeven Coalitie (ADC), including the group’s co-founder Robert Molenaar, broke into a beagle breeding facility in Noord Brabant (Netherlands) and took six dogs which were destined for a pharmaceutical testing veterinary medicines. Shortly after, the thieves turned themselves into the police, though the dogs were not returned.

dutch_activists_sentenced_stealing_beagles.jpg The activists were Robert Molenaar, Sandra Tetenburg, Nadine Lucas, Simon Luitse and Jack Maat. On December 22nd they were sentenced to 50 hours community service and one month’s suspended jail sentence by a court in Den Bosch.

It is concerning to see such a light sentence, and we will have to see if it convinces other activists that they can get away with similar illegal actions.