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Overview of attacks by Animal Rights Extremists in US

An Overview of Bombing and Arson Attacks by Environmental and Animal Rights Extremists in the United States, 1995- 2010. From the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.


While this report is about the US there are several points raised in the executive summary that might apply to the European scene and be relevant to policy in this area. In particular the fact that activists targeted property rather than people, that the activists were male and that few of those found guilty of crimes had been involved in the legitimate protest movements. First, there was a relatively small group of individuals responsible for a large number of incidents. Second, although it is important not to rule out the possibility that humans will be intentionally targeted by ELF or ALF (or other environmental and animal rights) extremists, their focus to date on property over human targets has influenced where and when they have attacked. Third, perpetrators were difficult to identify for several reasons: e.g., very few were actively engaged in legal protests and movement-related activities prior to committing their crimes, many came together through personal contacts, and most committed offenses working as part of a small cell.

The report is available to download from our resources section of this web-site and also here.